Art from Unlikely Places 

A lovely worm-eaten set of table legs make a beautiful set of candle bases.

Piano on it's way to the landfill, now in my workshop ready to be re-made.

Ruination! All is lost for this forgotten piano.

Waiting for a second life, this mahogany beauty has suffered a cracked sound board and can't be tuned. Well loved, however, the owners weren't willing to let it go to the landfill. So, art it has become!

Disassembled! Chaos precedes new order. But chaos can be very painful.

Interesting chaos replete with promise.

SOLD..."Patent Applied For" panel.

Piano keys wall hanging shelf with wooden piano washers from the back of the instrument, now nice for decoration.

Foot pedal "surround" with an octave of keys, and the piano's serial identification number.

SOLD...Made from ornate panels from the piano front, combined with two octaves of keys.

Pilasters from the piano front, frame the beautiful ivory keys on this wallhanging.

SOLD...Piano front "center" makes a beautiful, hand carved wall hanging.

SOLD...Pianos are such works of craftsmanship, it's hard to watch them fall into disuse after they can't be tuned any longer. This piece is from a 1910 beauty that is now on her second life as an art piece. She has some dents and dings, some maker's markings, numbered keys, and ivories that give her lots of character.... All treasured signs of a full and useful life. The ledge on top offers just enough room for pictures, small objects or votive candles.

SOLD...This vertical, one octave piano piece is from a 1910 piano that could no longer be tuned. I loved the strips of little green felt "dots" that ran the length of the piano inside the workings, so I used them to accessorize the piece. This would be a lovely conversation piece in a contemporary setting, or look right at home with eclectic decor.

There are so many warm, wonderful textures and craftsmanship in old cast-off pianos...the possibilities seem endless.

Piano triptych made from reconfigured parts of a water damaged piano. I love pianos as wall art.

SOLD..."Driving in Kathmandu" recalls the rush of sensations and emotions all in frenetic colors rushing past while being driven in Kathmandu. We had near head-ons with other vehicles, cows, bicycles, children, dogs, busses, chickens and close misses of every variety... in a blur of confused color.

"Three Little Ditties" One octave mini shelves. Framed in Maple, Padouk and Walnut, they play together very well!

SOLD... "Salome" is named after a lovely young friend of mine in Nepal. This leaf measures a whopping 26" across, and quickly becomes the focal point in the room.

SOLD..."Prickly Pink" Gold, pink and purple are so pretty together!

"Oak Leaves and Acorns" adorn this front panel from a 1900s piano. It's now a handsome shelf made from piano parts.

"Celebrant" In anticipation of my favorite time of year when vivid summer greens give way to warmer fall tones. She has a width and height of 29"!

Half of a piano front panel is just the right size for a little sweet shelf to enrich a space.

SOLD...Did you know typewriters can hang on a wall?

SOLD...I adore vintage birds, and baubles. Together they make an adorable jewelry hanger.

SOLD...Sometimes you just need a little music when you put on your jewelry. Pegs at the bottom of this up-cycled piano octave make a great place to hang keys, jewelry, sunglasses...

SOLD...I love the green! This looks so handsome in on an office wall. Yes, typewriters can hang on the wall.

"Reincarnation" Now a triptych for the wall, this piano's previous life of music making was ruined by water infiltration, and couldn't be repaired. Sometimes the "old passes away" but the "new" is right around the corner.

Detail of "Reincarnation".

SOLD..."Rupa of Tikapur" Named after a very colorful woman I met in Nepal.

SOLD...Tumbling leaves reflect the changing seasons.

SOLD..."Redemption" After I completed the rough casting of this enormous leaf, it was broken and burned in a fire during a particularly troubled and painful period in my life. I was heartbroken because it was one of the best I'd done. I managed to pick up the pieces and save it though so it was strong and complete. After painting it, my son named it "Redemption" because the colors move from burning fire on the right side, to a hopeful green on the left.

SOLD..."Star Dust" keyboard. The craftsmanship of old pianos just slays me! The keys on this piano were repaired with red thread and a cloth bandage to keep it playing. I added my touch by replacing missing ivories with wooden substitutes, and some of them covered with sheet music from Hoagie Carmichael's "Star Dust".

Detail of "Star Dust"

"Drunken Keys" There seems to be no end to the possibilities with piano shapes. Every rescued piano is inspiring in different ways.

I grow Rhubarb plants in my garden. When I find a striking leaf emerging, I cast it using technique and materials I have developed in order to maintain the natural flow and beauty of the leaf. They are then painted and equipped it to hang on the wall, or framed like this one.

Every rescued piano has its own unique character. This piece is from an early 1900's piano that couldn't be tuned any longer.

SOLD..."Moline" Wall hanging crafted from 19th-century pump organ with components all reconfigured.

SOLD..."Bhakti" named for a beautiful, vivacious woman in Nepal. Inset with pearls in the veins to symbolize her wisdom and triumph over hardship.

SOLD...Created with components from a 19-century pipe organ, the keyboard (one of two) looks fairly industrial with its wiring exposed. When the church in Denver learned it would cost $30,000 to tune the pipe organ, they decided to let it go. But some things just shouldn't be wasted.

"Leaf and Crumpled Sky" Small study.

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